Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Smell will go on

Today dawned a tad damp we off we headed to find the location of our class and talk. We got a tad lost found the group who had come by coach and the tour leader then got us more lost. But in the end we found it. Tricia had put together a great wee project to make a peacock! We got some of 1 feather done.... Mary Brooks then spoke to us about 17th embroidery the women who stitched it and the possible reasons they stitched what they did. A very interesting talk and was interesting to learn how many pre drawn patterns were about. We then headed to the Jorvick Viking Centre hoping to book late afternoon tix but as this was too difficult we queued and went in. A very well set up place and we got a capsule to our selves to view the town. It was very well done sometimes you forget the figures are fake but the smell part of the ride stays with you for a long time.... never fear the guide book carries the fragrance. We then headed off to find The Imaginarium a shop Maree wanted to visit and though small was fantastic the staff were friendly and there were many great things to purchase but space and breakability were considered so not much was purchased.  Next on the list was York Minster an amazing building but undergoing some refurbishment so some of the stained glass was not visible.  We climbed the tower 257 more steps - so over steps but some good views. Back to the pastie shop for some food and then we once again struggled to find our way round but stumbled across some cool buildings.  Then back to hotel to attempt to pack as off to Oxford via Liverpool tomorrow. 

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