Friday, 16 October 2015

To the bitter end

Today was going to be titled shit....fog as this was what greeted us in Glasgow but read on and you will understand the change. The day started with the employed local guide having to apologize to us as she denied us a ticket to the Holyrood galleries on Wednesday as she didn't think we were part of the tour. So we had a wee stop ( literally ) at the Doulton pottery fountain in Glasgow as we were early for the Burrell museum.  Got to the Burrell an amazing collection gathered by one man where we saw 6 caskets and a bird small and a flower arrangement along with an extensive 17th century gallery display. Lunch here was very good! On the bus ride home we had points of local interest pointed out Stirling Castle some great horse heads made of aluminum and the landfill!  We then went back to Edinburgh for a quick change for the formal dinner where it was said in the tour to wear your tartan.  We put way too much effort into this and we're the only kilt wearer's....thank god Maree ran out of room for the corset! It was a highly entertaining evening for all the wrong reasons - Cheryl's dessert got taken away after she paused after one mouthful but Maree's one bite taken piece of haggis was still on the table when we left!  Maree got knocked on the head with a glass by the over zealous wait staff and the entertainment was a tad creepy as the old guy in the kilt sang live songs to the young girls.....  The toilets provided a giggle as the paper was located on the back wall behind you if you had had a few wines it might have been too complex to find! Made friends with Amy from thread in hand blog so that was a plus.  Excuse the poor pics as could not have flash on but note the haggis scarier than the ghost tour. packing now for an early start for York.

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