Thursday, 15 October 2015

History lessons

Today was full of history lessons.....
We began by breakfast at hotel not as good as Newton House or blackberries from Waitrose. We then headed to St Giles Cathedral but we're a tad early so had a wander around first. Some great buildings to be seen. St Giles is an amazing building and Maree was lucky enough to get get stopped by one of the volunteers to check she had a photo pass and then got a very in depth history lesson. Cheryl mean while was wandering around wondering where she had got too... we had a quick look at the Thistle Chapel before high tailing it back to get on the tour bus where we headed to the off site storage facility of the Scottish museum.  Here we had our first up close and personal with 17th century stitching. There were 5 caskets a range of toys some smalls and a whitework sampler! Some of the colours on the caskets were amazing. Unfortunately you will all have to wait for pics as we are bound by waivers that say we can't put pics on public profiles but we promise to bore you with pics on our return. It was then off to the Museum and a lecture on Scottish samplers but as we were starving we made a detour via the cafe then struggled to find the room - ended up having to get to it through the bathroom corridor?  But made it in time.  We can now spot a Scottish sampler at at least 100feet... We then chose to walk back to the hotel and wait for our final history lesson via the Merkat Doomed Dead and Buried ghost tour. For Maree this reinforced all her earlier lessons of the day but a fee new facts were to be learned and we went to the vaults below the city which was cool but a little complex if you are a bumbling Burnnand but we managed to stay up right. 

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  1. very entertaining. shame about the pictures, we will just have to be content with the cathedral ceilings.