Friday, 2 October 2015

Never take the last door..

It has been an epic lot of hours! On the whole good flights, great choices of films and the heated towel at the start is beyond great. No one (Cheryl) thought to warn me about toilets in Dubai..... FYI never use the last cubicle as it tends to have a local toilet....
Not sure why but scored free meal vouchers at Dubai from Emirates had McDonald's and they had date pies boy do they need to be rolled out internationally.
Over packing was again a problem and we may have the wrong wardrobe - landed to 25 degrees it cools off to justify the packed options!
We are in Oxford our room is small but nice and it is big nap time.


  1. Sorry about the last door.. I'msure u can wear layers. They do have clothes shops you know..

  2. Did you enjoy the queue for the toilets in Dubai!