Monday, 12 October 2015

Membership rocks

Yesterday was a big day but we managed the objective and then some! First we headed on foot to Kensington Palace, arrived early saw them setting up for a half marathon so decided to enter - yeah right I think not. We wandered round the grounds did the wiggle walk not as exciting as it sounds but still fun. Saw 4 squirrels one was way too friendly! Then at 10 as the rest of the folk started to queue we went straight in with our membership card. Even got a welcome enjoy your visit from the man! We made a good choice and headed straight for the fashion exhibition where we dicovered soon great clothes worn by the queen in the 50's and saw Diana got the bum end of the deal being in the 80's wide shoulders and drop waists have not dated well. We learned the queen had a larger bust line, princess Margaret was very thin in the day. We then headed to the Queens state apartment where unlike last time there were no paper cut outs what an improvement.  The Kings apartments were next and there was a return of the paper but thankfully this time it was made into period costumes dotted about. The Victoria Revealed hadn't changed but we enjoyed a wander through it. We both felt a much more enjoyable second visit was had. Red house was next and after a wrong over ground train station was selected we got on the train and made good time out there.  The layout was quite different with the tea room now the shop and more rooms were open for us to visit.  As we were starving we headed to the cafe and had fantastic soup and higgity pie best value we have eaten. Then on to the house where they have very keen volunteers in each room some better than others.  The painting on the walks in the room where we stitched last time has been uncovered and was amazing. Shows a wedding scene and the bride and groom are shown as William Morris and Jane Burden. In the master bedroom there us also a new wall painting uncovered while hazy was very interesting to see. Loads of pics later we headed to the gift shop where we purchased Top and Gabriel our new wombat! Luck saw us just get to train as it was leaving so a very quick walk meant we got to the Tower (again avoiding the queue ) in time to see inside the chapel where Anne Boleyn's remains are. We had a wander through the crown jewels with half of London and then headed to sky garden where they had a ticketing fail, our tickets were for 6.30 but queued and queued and finally got in about 7.15 after a full security check. The lift to 35 floors is seamless and the view is amazing but was dark by the time we got there so the garden inside was difficult to see due to mood lighting. Home was next and Gemma (friend of Cheryl) came to visit so wad great to catch up with her. Just so you know we are meeting targets a full itinerary has been lodged with the folks if you want to check!

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  1. Does this mean the wombats will be in every photo. Very busy day.