Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The waters are a scam

Sorry guys but Cheryl is writing the blog tonight! Today started early as we were going to Bath. At breakfast we discovered the bed situation seemed to be universal. We were luckier than some as our beds were at least singles.  Anyway onto  Bath and the Holburn museum we were group one and got to see one casket a large tent stitch picture, two 1920 pieces and lots of beaded bags. After our alloted time we walked around the museum while we waited for out guide to bring our museum of fashion tickets.  It was a long wait as she had to go to the museum and not the Roman baths like she thought
Once we had them off to the Roman Baths where every school child on Bath was there not great for the express visit but we got through! Tasted the water did not do much for us obviously did not drink enough!  The abbey was beautiful as once again Maree made a friend who wanted to talk about the church, again not great for the express visit. Pasties for lunch and then to the museum of fashion for our next group session this involved five pairs of gloves, two jackets, night cap a pocket and a piece of blackwork. Went thru the museum and had a spot of fun dressing up as Victorians but Maree was way too little for the costumes. Still fun though. Had a walk around the circus and saw the Royal Crescent which was made cooler by the fact a hot air balloon took off behind the crescent and flew over us. We waited for the bus to come back for thirty five minutes evidently he got stuck in traffic! Anyway last day on the bus tomorrow and back to London but first off to the Ashmolean.

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