Friday, 9 October 2015

Always read the fine print

Today we headed to the end of the line and went to William Morris gallery in Walthamstow thankfully it was dry and sunny as it was a tad of walk! Awesome place though and had some great interactive activities for kids (may have had to have a go) the rubbings were especially cool. There was also an activity where you were William Morris and had 4 years to make your fortune by choosing products and designers you saw how your business would progress. We made £1405 pounds the man told us this is a good score but the record is over £1550 held by a 9 year old! Exit by the gift shop saw a few small purchases made. We then set off to Covent Garden where we accidently ended up going up 157 stairs eck the lift would have been easier! The seven dials was visited and we had a spot of lunch in Trafalgar Square thankfully we did not need to take any iconic pics as there was going to be some festival on today. Maree wanted to check out the gift shop but didn't end up buying anything. Victoria and Albert Museum was next where we split up for 1/2 an hour then went to the Shoe exhibition which has some great shoes but suffers from poor layout, slow British readers and the worst 'gift' shop ever! We then learned that there is fine print on the late night opening of the V and A and most of it is shut opps!  But Maree got to see the Beasts of Dacre and they were all there! Lucky for us they had curry in the tea room to co inside with an exhibition and it was yum. Looking back it has been a busy week! No squirrel for a few days but did spot 3 at Highgate but forgot to mention them due to foxes! Tomorrow we head to Founder's museum,  museum of Childhood and V and A again....

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