Monday, 19 October 2015

You'd think they might realise by now

Today has been a long day of travel.  We left York and headed for Port Sunshine,  a created model village outside of Liverpool. It was built by Lord Lever to house the workforce for Sunlight soap and is an amazing place with 900 grade 2 listed buildings - don't panic we didn't photograph them all. They got nearly 30 different architects so the buildings are an interesting mix. The reason for this diversion was to visit the Lady Lever Gallery, an added bonus for us was they house a Pre Raphaelite collection so Maree got to see The Scapegoat and Cheryl a collection of Burne Jones paintings. There are about 6 embroideries stuck in a dark corner of one room so viewing these was a challenge but we both got a good look. We then had behind the scenes with 3 caskets 6 pictures a bible and a small oval box. One of the pictures was amazing and Maree took way too many pics of it. Grover start worrying about what will be needed! Tricia then presented us all with a mixed blessing of a book of embroideries from the Lady Lever, it's nearly an inch thick just what we needed! Back on the bus for the next long drive to Oxford. Got to hotel and here the day gets interesting. The hotel doesn't have a lift we are on the second floor to get to room we walk down a long corridor turn left down another long corridor out a fire door and up some stairs feels like boarding school. On entering the room found the twin beds pushed together so a wee rearrangement of furniture was needed. To say it is a 4 star is stretching things. We headed to the bar to get dinner and sat with some people on the tour who after looking slightly sour at us asked if we were on tour, like you can miss Maree's hair! We then headed back to the room to find only 1 suitcase had made it up so had to find tour leader and get that sorted. Tomorrow must go better, off to Bath.  

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