Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lucky bonus

Today was an early start as we had to be loaded on bus and checked out of hotel by 7.30. We managed it! Tricia issued us with a kit to keep us entertained on the bus!  Drove for 30 mins and found ourselves back at hotel still not sure why but someone must have forgotten something it was not us! So take 2 was more success as we found a much quicker route out. We had a change from the original timetable as a new exhibition  opened at Auckland Castle yesterday entitled Plots and Spangles which looks at the Guy Fawkes plot and Helena  Wintour's embroidery - her father was executed as part of the plot. Weird combination and Tricia thought there would be 1 piece on display instead there were about 13 and most of these were very detailed vestments so was a great bonus we left feeling very lazy.... it was then onto Bowes Museum where we had a provided lunch in the grandest store room you ever saw then it was off to see the automaton swan, boy the room was full but Cheryl spied the perfect viewing spot looking through a glass cabinet we could see the full side on view it was much better than the you tube video and we are glad we got to see it. It was then on to see the embroideries which are currently in with an Yves St Laurent exhibition a bonus! Maree got to see the Mondrian  inspired dress - is made out of a really ugly fabric oh well. Back on the bus to head to York.  We did see a large number of deer of various breeds and sizes and 2 foxes were spotted in some woods and 2 two humped camels - Maree missed the camels! Good animal day. Arrived in York and went to view the St Mary abbey ruin, saw the shambles on the way and bought some great pasties for tea. Back to hotel to watch rugby. York is busy on a Saturday evening with people going out by 6pm..... some very scary sights to be seen!

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