Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Today saw us off to a slow start and we decided to alter the official plan and head to Tate Britain. Here we were able to enter through the main door unlike last visit and view the alterations that were in progress last time. So it was straight off to see the Pre Raphaelites some we had seen before and some new ones. Waterhouse's Lady of Shalot was slightly dissapointing but was great see Ophelia again. We then headed to see the poor man's gallery, we then wanted to check out a special display of Pre Raphaelite drawings but couldn't find them and a lovely man personally walked us there trying on the way to sell us on a visit to the Turner room....  

Highgate cemetery was next on the list we arrived a tad early so had a wee wander in the east cemetery. Then it was off to meet the tour of the west cemetery.  Simon our guide was great and linked the tour back to the Victorian's and a lot of the information dovetailed well with last night's talk. As we wanted to see Lizzie Siddal's grave we asked at the start and we're told we could view it at the end. So on the completion of the tour Simon took just us to view it which was amazing. We also saw 4 foxes on the way a tad mangy looking but FOXES! A quick trip to Liberty was a must on the way home.


  1. pleased to see the cemetery is still overgrown. was a good place to take the dogs for a walk at times when i lived there.

  2. Hi Maree & Cheryl, looks like you're having a great time. How about posting a post card or two. Wessley & Bradley

    1. Best you watch the letter box towards the weeks end....