Friday, 23 October 2015

Packing Sucks

Last tour day today. We headed to Windsor Castle and although we made good time there were many tour groups in line before us and with the strict enter procedure it took a good twenty minutes before we gained entry. Glad we were not general public paying today as the queen was due back this pm and the palace closed at 12.00. We had a quick group photo before entry in and on advice from one of the guards saw the dolls house first well worth seeing. We then had an express tour thru the bulk of the castle and thanks to some serious pretty work from Trisha and David our tour guide we were allowed under the rope to view the casket up close. The palace guard turned the casket for us so all sides could be viewed which was brilliant. We had a speedy trip thru the rest of the castle and Cheryl adopted a corgi on the way out. We had an informative tour on the bus thru London  getting to the Museum of London for our final casket viewing. Unfortunately for them living up to the Windsor casket was never going to happening but the  curator had pulled some great samplers, an amazing nightcap, frog and walnut purse. He was very informative and loves his job. We wandered thru the remainder of the museum and took the bus back to the hotel with another informative tour.  As Tricia wanted to download our photos spent some time chatting with her and other tour members before facing the horrendous packing task. A few sacrifices had to be made eg Maree's kilt but we won the battle. On the whole  a fantastic trip and we look forward to boring you all with the details soon. As we check out in the morning this is our last blog post for this holiday. Hope you have ever enjoyed out travels. See you all soon.

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  1. So glad you got to see the dolls house and all the lovely embroideries too happy to be bored with photos and lots of details when you get back safe travel