Saturday, 10 October 2015

Itinerary Malfunction

Hmm mm,  today we had a small issue the plan was to spend the evening at late night at the museum but late night was last night oops.  Good thing we found out yesterday so could amend the plan.  For once in our lives we arrived out at the Foundling Museum EARLY so took the chance to wander down to Red Lion Square to check out where Rossetti,  Burne Jones and Morris once lived pleased we had not made a special effort just to go there!  It was then back to the Foundling which was very cool and they had an exhibition called the Fallen Woman which had some very difficult to read original letters related to woman trying to sign their babies over. It was then off to the Museum of Childhood, this has a huge range of toys and a fantastic range of dollhouses.  Maree was spellbound by the large rocking horse and walked into a large metal sitting bench and is now sporting a decent bruise on the knee. It was then a trek back to see the galleries of the V and A that were closed last night and this proved a fruitful visit with 2 caskets a heap of embroidery and a room of Pre Raphaelite items. Good times for us! We then walked down to Harrods where we walked through fine and luxury jewelry just cos we could then checked out the Christmas shop - poor selection eg a £189 gorilla decoration, a lobster and some large fluffy balls! Feeling brave we battled through Harrods gift world bought nothing and left. Did manage to find the Princess Diana and Dodi memorial and get a picture. We also visited both Waitrose and Tesco if Mother was with us it would be her trip highlight 2 supermarkets in one day. Sad we are missing Bathurst....


  1. hi, like the knitted gown...maybe gay's next challenge....cute bag maree but would not have thought your style...reminds me of those tapestry's still in the cupboard half finished!!! could make something out of them....enjoy your day...all sounds great, highly organised and i wonder how i ever managed to travel!!!!!

  2. like the glove. stephanie and i are going to v&A so will need your directions to see the best.