Wednesday, 14 October 2015

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A quiet day by our standards we were over organised this morning so ended up 1 and a half hours early for the train.... better than being late! Arrived on time after watching a lady miss the stop in York she just sat there and as the train began to pull away stood up and said have I missed the stop? We got a lovely taxi driver who pointed out the high points and a brief history lesson and even carried our bags up the stairs in the hotel.  The girl on the desk is from Hawkes Bay and was excited to hear kiwi accents. We ditched our bags, put on our lanyards - they have name and address on- and climbed a goodly number of steps to the castle we had a quick walk around and found some some fellow lanyard wearer's so they could direct us to the bus. Then it was off to Holyrood House where we saw Mary Queen of Scots embroidery 2 caskets and some stitching smalls unfortunately these are in a very dim room and hard to see. We have a frolick through the garden and took numerous pics of the abbey ruin. We walked back to hotel went to supermarket and arrived back at same time bus was pulling up.

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  1. Very beautiful tags. Are these from the tour. How was the train trip? did you see any of the windmills. when you went past Berwick that is where stephanie and I are going at christmas, in the borders.