Monday, 12 October 2015

Google maps sucks

This morning we learned discipline will be needed on the tour for us to be ready each morning. We were hoping to be on a 8.35 train yeah right so not happening so we made the 9.35 but as Hampton Court Palace opens at 10 this was not so bad as it was bloody cold and we entered the Palace at 10.10 so all good.  We hit the high points of HenryVIII and decided to join the Tudor tour which was brilliant a lady was our guide an periodically had to leave to check something and while away other actors played out a senario that we 'helped' chose the outcome but since it was to do with Catherine Howard the outcome was pretty chosen as her head was being detached no matter what but it was a lot of fun. We looked round the rest of the palace and the gardens which looked far better this trip. We then headed to the Royal School of Needlework where the lady in the shop was lovely! Here we did a tour of the Whitework exhibition that is on. We started out with an intro by one of the full time embroiderers that was interesting but things took a turn for the worst when the volunteer took over to show us  round her knowledge was poor. But we saw a couple of amazing gold work pieces that made up for it. Sorry no pics. We then exited through the gift shop - both RSN and Hampton - and had a slightly stressed trip back to town but exited at Liverpool station with 15 mins to find Dennis Sever house Google maps sucks.  Luckily the lovely lady walking her dogs knew where to go we were 1 street away and only ended up a few minutes late. This was a truly awesome experience is done in complete silence and the house is lit by candles. You move through 4 floors looking at rooms that feel and look like people have just walked out of would highly recommend it! Only 1 day to go and then off to the tour!

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