Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Close but no cigar

Today we aimed to conquer the Tower and hoped to recreate our solo trip through the crown jewels - we well conquered the tower but never managed solo through the jewels were close though.  As we are members of the Historic Palaces we went for a quick hour trip this morning to see the jewels and the Norman Chapel and then headed to Temple to check out Temple Church which was a great airy light church and the ladies on the desk were quite excited when we bought the guide book. We then wandered to Blackfriars and saw the Blackfriars pub and decided to return for dinner. A spur of the moment decision was then made to check out All Hallows church before returning to the Tower. This was a good decision as it was closed last visit and it had a really interesting museum in the crypt. Back to Tower we headed and it was time for the day before Anne Boleyn's crowning re-enactment a great way to spend half an hour. Maree had a chat with one of the actresses before hand and she never left character so the discussion was about Anne vs Catherine of Aragon! We then completed our tour of the Tower including the Crown Jewels again and exited via most gift shops.... the man at the last one asked where we were from and if we had enjoyed our day and when we told him we had been 5 times he was most impressed and we thought we were never going to get away from him!
Blackfriars was our dinner spot for the night an awesome pub but the Portuguese bar man did struggle to understand Maree but he was quite funny and we got dinner in the end - great fish and chips! After dropping our stuff at the apartment a quick trip to Liberty to pick up a few things and now we need to pack. Tour starts tomorrow!

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  1. love the pub. might have to be on our to do list.
    excellent tour of hte tower. dont think we will get the kids into the churches but still.