Monday, 5 October 2015

A Tale of Three Colleges

Today was our first damp day - that is an understatement the morning was just plain wet! But objectives must be met so off to Christ Church College we headed. As we were early we took a walk down to view Folly Bridge where we spotted 4 squirrels, a couple came quite close. Christ Church was used for scenes in the Harry Potter films and the stairs headed to the dining room were just like being in the film, the actual dining room required some imagination to get to the film but was an amazing room and it is bizarre to think people eat in it daily. Then is was off to the chapel a building we now know intimately due to our slightly overzealous tour guide. We then headed to The Museum of Oxford this was smaller than expected way smaller and was completed in about 10 min but we did learn that the dead man walk of the previous day was connected to the Jewish community.
Finally it was 2pm and we could enter All Souls College! The man on the door was not that friendly and told us we could go to the chapel the great quad then exit where we entered. The chapel was amazing bit yet again we were amazed at people's lack of ability to read - a sign clearly said not to walk on the marble tombs but this stopped no one bar us and a member of the college. As a place it was everything Maree had hoped it would be and we have many pictures....
Continuing on the Discovery of Witches and Harry Potter theme, although this was entirely by luck we stumbled on New College being open. The man on the door was lovely and here we could view the Chapel and Cloisters, the hall and the Medieval garden and mound. No photos were allowed in the Chapel and Hall which was lucky as we may have been quite taken with them! On leaving we noticed a large picture board showing scenes shot in the cloisters from the goblet of fire. The cloister was also the viewing of the 5th squirrel of the day!  Bought our first pastie and headed home. Oxford has been great we have seen truck loads of bicycles, tour parties have been intrigued by the walls and doors along the footpaths that open into the stunning colleges which you have no idea are behind them. A fantastic way to start the holiday everything we wanted to see lived up to expectation and we stumbled on to some great things as well. Of to reread Discovery of Witches....

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  1. Really enjoying reading blog keep it up sound fabulous Glad things going to plan and you are enjoying it. all good here