Tuesday, 20 November 2012

They glow so much more than the reproductions

Today would prove if the trip was worth it... We headed for the Tate after a quick divert to sort the wifi and a bad tube decision and instead of 10 am we made 10.35 but membership was worth it and in we went. What can we say it was beyond fantastic, quite crowded but were still able to get up close and personal with all the works. The paintings glowed and the detail was amazing but we were both blown away by the large Byrne Jones tapestries, the May Morris embroidery and the embroidered panels. The gift shop was checked out but no purchases have yet been made. We had a light late lunch in the members room yes we felt special and then decided to head for Harrods. Once we got there realised how awesome the Christmas windows were - Disney princess's by designers so we did the entire outside of the building note flash windows do not go round the entire building. Harrod's is beyond huge it would suck to work there esp in departments like designer gallery. Christmas world featured a lot of glass ornaments so these could not be purchased a very good thing! but we were quite taken with the Harrods gift shop and are planning a return. The trip home was long due to delays on the tube. Has been a bit damp today but it is not cold.


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    1. It will be long and extensive...

  2. Ah yes, Harrods gift shop always a good way to spend money!