Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Long day

Flight to London was ok, got through airport and onto tube with ease, at this point we made what seemed like a good idea but a phone call would have been better! In our wisdom (read tired state) we decided rather than phone apartment people and discuss if we could get in before 3.00pm check in we would take our cases to the Tate Britain - this involved 2 changes and a wee walk. When we arrived at Tate we decided to call apartment people and of course we could check in early sopranos changed and off we trekked bags and all another 2 tubes too many steps a poor station decision that resulted in a long walk we got to office. After another wee trek we found the apartment building but could not get in as we at the wrong door. Further investigation we found the right door and finally got in. Apartment is great but temp is a tad tropical esp in bathroom. Headed out to Elephant and Castle shopping Centre an experience that does not need repeating. Got back by 5.00pm felt like it was midnight only to discover we had no wifi hence this being late... We will do better. -