Thursday, 22 November 2012

Stitching at Red House

We started today quietly confident that our research into the train timetable was accurate. Got to Elephant and Castle with fifteen minutes to spare before departure only to find we had no idea where the overland platforms were and when we asked the man at the underground station we were at the wrong station! Fortunately we knew the Bakerloo line and could get to Charing Cross easily found to overland platform only to discover that everything was running late. We got on the train with half the class and the tutors although we did not realise this until we all got off the train at Bexleyheath and we all walked to Red House.
While the tutors set up, we roamed around the outside of the house all by ourselves. Took lots of photos.
Our tutors, Nicola Jarvis and Dr Lynn Hulse, had put together a gorgeous kit for the day based on a May Morris design. Stitching went very well and we met some absolutely lovely people. We had some time in the afternoon to explore red house which was an amazing experience since we were the only people there.
We finished the day with a lecture on May Morris from Lynn which was very informative. Exit thru the gift shop was necessary with the curator of red house opening it up for us. We felt special and he has already posted photos on the red house Facebook page. The day definitely lived up to expectations.


  1. What a wonderful experience. I note you did not share with us what you purchased in the gift shop. And no doubt Maree did not leave emty handed.

  2. me again found the link for the photos and did find you both stitching away.

    1. Lol, it was a great day but light was challenging as the day progressed and I promise to bore you with the pics when I get back!