Saturday, 24 November 2012

But is it art.?.???????

Big big day today even the rain did not stop us. We first set out to Guild hall art gallery to view Rossetti's La Ghirlandata and the Roman amphitheatre remains both were great. We then battled the rain to the Museum of London, major design flaw is if you arrive the way we did it is impossible to find entrance and we only managed it cos we found a cute building and went for a nosey look. This is an extensive museum that looks at London right through history. After another gift shop and a cup of tea we went to Kings Cross Station where we went to Platform 9 3/4, then we headed with what seemed like all of London to the British museum once again we battled the weather to get there. Again this is a very extensive collection and we both feel we have seen a lifetimes worth of Greek pottery. The Egyptian rooms were incredibly crowded but we managed to see the top 10 things with the Lewis chess set being a highlight. Boy are there some gift shops including a very expensive one where all that could be heard was "don't touch" from nervous parents. We then came home for a quick bite to eat before taking advantage of the Tate Modern being open late. This was a mistake, we are so not cool enough and boy were there some questionable pieces, but it was full of very trendy young things trying oh so hard to be cool. We were pleased to get home and thankfully it had stopped raining. On the whole a very big day. The brick picture shows one of the pieces at the Tate.

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