Thursday, 29 November 2012

Always look up

Today we set off early to go to Hampton Court Palace. Of course we picked the nana train and all of the other trains passed us but we still got there just before opening time. On entering the palace, we were heading to the kitchens, the first thing on the guidebook when a lovely elderly volunteer stopped us and congratulated us on looking up. Maree was taken with the decorative chimney pots (over two hundred different ones) and he gave us the tip of the day!! Go see Henry VIII crown before the school children arrive, over seven hundred a week! His apartments were amazing fantastic antlers, tapestries and ceilings to be seen. We came out and were confronted by hoards of school children with work sheets that no one seemed to be filling out. The guide books lied again and we had to curtail our viewing of the gardens but we still did the maze. Went to the royal school of needlework shop not a good experience. The lady was rude and if we had not really wanted to buy some pieces would have walked out. This made us miss our first choice train as well. Back to London and saw Buckingham Palace and then we walked up to Wellington Arch, where we viewed a small exhibition on Eygpt in London (nicer to view than the British Museum one) as we were the only people there. Got to go outside from the top of the arch and took some photos. Also saw the NZ war memorial.
Decided that we could just have a quick exhibition viewing before trekking back out to Oxford Street and Cheryl got to see Chocywockydoodah where they were filming something so it was a bit hard to get into. It has been a big day and everyone's feet hurt.
Squirrel count today was 2. Total 13


  1. Pleased about the squirrel count. Shame about royal school. Should complain on Facebook. Did you get photos at chockywocky

  2. Could not take pics at choccywoccywww due to filming.