Friday, 23 November 2012

3 Gift Shops....

As today was fine we decided it was the day to trek to Salisbury to see the cathedral and Stonehenge. We caught an overland train and headed out into the countryside, saw a few pheasants roaming about. We had decided to do a tour that took in Old Sarum and Stonehenge on a hop on and off format but as we were early we walked down and checked out the outside of the Cathedral. Due to some heavy rain the river was very high and there were. 3 very good looking swans to be seen. The Cathedral is an amazing piece of architecture and we realised it was going to take much longer that the 40 mins we had so we took some outside pics and headed off to catch the bus. Who would have thought the bus station would be so hard to find.... Salisbury is very cool with the old streets and buildings and after some poor local help we found a lady going to the station. The tour was great and as we drove towards Old Sarum and Stonehenge the commentary was very informative. Stonehenge was brilliant and winter is the time to visit as it was not too crowded. Yes there was a gift shop and more than one thing was purchased by both of us... We then climbed back on the bus and headed to Old Sarum, we decided not to sto and instead got off in town to go back to the Cathedral. On the way we stopped and looked at St Thomas church which has the largest medieval mural in England. The inside of the Cathedral was breath taking, some amazing embroideries also. We chatted with the visiting chaplain and were there for public prayer time. The gift shop had the strangest mix of stuff ever and we left having bought nothing. On returning to the city we once again went to the Tate as Friday night is late night and it was much quieter so we could enjoy our favourites without the crowd. We also took in the Turner Prize finalists....this art was a tad too modern for us and frankly Paul Noble doesn't win something is wrong.

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