Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mind the gap

Today was our last day to sightsee in London. We had a leisurely start to the day and went out to Chelsea so we could do the Cheyne Walk and see Dante Rossetti's house. The guide book took us on the scenic tour which would have been fine but it was really cold this morning so we really just wanted to get there! We took some photos and went home via the Chelsea Physic Garden which was just open for the weekend for a Christmas Fair. Would be a lovely garden in the summer but a bit bare in the Winter.
Had to do the London Eye today so went directly there and we queued for a while which was quite nice to have a break. The sun came out just as we started so the photo opportunities were a bit limited but it was a really cool experience to see London up so high. On to the British Museum for some last minute shopping and then to the Tate for a last checking out of the paintings. There was a huge crowd in today so it was a whistle stop tour just to check out our faves!! As it was our third visit in as many days we had the route down pat. It was quite a sad moment to realise this was the last time we would see these paintings but made us realise how glad we were that we came for the exhibition. Got home and Maree is all excited as she is off to a concert of one of her favourite bands Glasvegas.

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  1. you both look really cold but happy to be there. have fun on trip home.